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Friends, I’ve moved the blog! Come on over to www.jaimew.com/blog/ where I’ve been writing about new work, home, and life projects – along with some Stitch Fix reviews and new parties using printables available in my Etsy shop. Stop by and say hi!


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zebra print invitation designs

New in the Etsy shop! Zebra print invitations in fun colors, inspired by Maggie’s birthday theme this year. We’re finding zebra stuff everywhere – this will be a cute party!

zebra purple invitation


zebra pink invitation for etsy

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a boy’s room makeover

Although it didn’t seem that long ago that we did a little sprucing in Luke’s room, the time had come for a major overhaul. This overhaul was needed mostly because Luke hates to get rid of anything, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to get any semblance of order with all of his STUFF. Added to that was the dire need for new paint on the walls and a better system for organizing his belongings…..and perhaps most importantly, a place to display his prized Lego creations. We also had a very, very low budget for the whole makeover.

boys room makeover image

We started by emptying the room of everything except for the furniture, and that was no small task. Chad then began the process of painting the room a pale, clean gray (Behr Silver Drop) and I did some thorough cleaning. We shipped the kids off to the grandparents’ for an overnight, and then we set to work organizing. We spread out all of Luke’s belongings out and categorized them – stuffed animals, cards (Pokemon, Bakugan, Ninjago, etc.), Legos, action figures, cars, books, the list goes on…. We made a pile of items to donate and brainstormed about how to organize the other items.

For the stuffed animals that were too sentimental to give away, I purchased two large canvas bins from HomeGoods, and we placed those, full of stuffed animals and too-young but special toys, into the display nook above his closet.


For the rocks and seashells that he just. could. not. part. with., I bought large acrylic canisters (also from HomeGoods) so that they’d be on display, neat, and new arrivals to these cherished collections would have a home. Luke was pretty excited about these, and we also added a couple for special Lego parts.


We added new hardware to the furniture that we painted navy blue a few years ago


Chad designed and built shelves for Lego and toy displays, and we painted them a slightly darker shade of gray.


We added a few new accessories – a lamp and shade purchased on clearance at Target, coverlets from IKEA, and accent pillows from HomeGoods.


We reassembled the room and were finally finished! It is so nice, bright, and clean  – I no longer cringe when I go in there. Here’s hoping it lasts!Image

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refinished kids’ art table

The makeovers continue…..Chad refinished the kids’ art table, which they use all the time. They draw, paint, and craft there, and they love to sit there with their snacks when they watch a movie. We took it from a light maple, which really didn’t match anything in the house, to a dark wood. Now it looks like it belongs here!

refinished kids' art table

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painted boy’s room furniture

This is old news around here, but I never posted about Luke’s furniture makeover. His bedroom set consists of a mismatched collection including dressers that were my dad’s when he was a kid, bunk beds from my sister’s college apartment, and a bookshelf that Chad’s grandfather built.

For sentimentality, and because I love it, the bookshelf wouldn’t be touched. I felt that the rest of it, however, could be painted to be more cohesive. I decided to swallow my fear of color (“it’s only paint, it’s only paint, it’s only paint) and go for it. Using this basic idea from Pottery Barn Kids as my inspiration: navy blue bed

I enlisted Chad’s help. We took the room completely apart, carried the furniture outside, and started sanding. The furniture had a blond finish (veneer, not solid wood), so we just need to rough up the shiny surface, and we painted everything navy blue with a semigloss finish. I like the way it goes with the muted green on the walls.


The catch is that now that it’s been this way for a while, the comforters are faded, the walls are dinged and marked, and it’s time for a spruce-up. Stay tuned as I decide what to do next. I hate to say goodbye to the green, but it’s been years since Luke’s had a new theme or palette, so I’m trying to decide whether to do something different or keep the navy and incorporate some new colors and patterns.

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master bedroom redo – upholstered headboard

Why is it that the master bedroom often ends up being the last place we decorate? The Nester talked about that here and showed some of her bedroom updates here.

We’ve been in our house for six years. One splurge I made when we moved in was on some pretty gray-blue silk curtains. I knew I wanted blue in the bedroom, but kept the walls khaki due to my fear of color and desire to be able to switch things up. But the room never really came together. This year, I decided it was time to spruce it up.

We bought the bedroom furniture when we were first married, but I’ve since have become less of a fan of the matchy-matchy furniture set concept. We wanted a king-sized bed, but we couldn’t afford a whole new set.

We sold the set on Craigslist to a nice couple who wanted it for a guest room. In our guest room, we had the dark, antique cherry dressers that I had grown up with, along with a darling antique cherry desk that my parents had given me – but none of it was really needed or really fit in the guest room. I was too sentimentally attached to this stuff, so it finally occurred to me to use THAT in the bedroom. We moved it in, bought a king-sized boxspring and mattress, and were on our way.

With the purchase of the bed, we really couldn’t afford a headboard and footboard too, and I wasn’t really sure what I would want anyway. Then I saw this tutorial and was inspired. I googled some more tutorials, figured out what I wanted, and enlisted the help of my handy hubby. For very little money, we upholstered a headboard and I love it – it worked out perfectly.

We painted the room a pale blue. So tricky – I agonized over swatches because I wanted a soft, pale, earthy shade of blue, and I know how easily that can go wrong. Once the paint was mixed, I was so worried that it was just going to be a light, light gray – but then on the walls, it ended up being an even brighter blue than I wanted. I decided to live with it, and I’m glad. Once the curtains were up and the room was put back together, I liked it.

Again trying to save money, I bought a king-sized white matelesse bedspread from Stein Mart – no bedskirt or other pieces required, and I used the shams from my old set. I bought some small throw pillow covers from Etsy, and she’s as done as she’s going to be for now.

Using the desk and dresser as end tables was supposed to be temporary, but I kind of like having all of those drawers and space next to the bed. They might just stay that way.
What budget-friendly projects have you tackled around the house?

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fourth of july cupcake toppers {free download}

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all getting ready for a fun, relaxing weekend involving sunshine, food, family, and friends! To celebrate, I’m posting my first free download….some Fourth of July cupcake toppers! Cupcake toppers have been super popular in the shop lately, and you can also use them for favor tags, napkin rings, treat toppers, and plenty of other things! Just print and cut……and I’d love for you to leave a comment if you download them!

click here to download: fourth of july cupcake toppers

Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

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